Friday, October 30, 2009

Please help us finish strong!

On October 7 Angel Covers entered the America's Giving Challenge and the support was overwhelming. In the past 3 weeks more than $7,300 has been raised. With a goal of $10,000 we are on track to meet this goal for sure.

In the next 6 days until this challenge is over, we need the support of everyone possible. A donation of just $10 will completely change a child's life. The $7,300 raised already has been done primarily because hundreds of people were willing to donate $10 and ask others to do the same.

The children of Angel Cottage will soon be moving into their new home. Because of so many generous people, they will have new beds, sheets, blankets, sewing machines, and a fenced play area. Because of so many of you, this house is quickly turning into a home for the 35 children who live there...not to mention the several who are already planning on moving in this January.

In these last 6 days of the challenge, let's not stop working toward out goal. The children of Angel Cottage are working every day to prove to themselves and the world they are capable of great things. Please join me in working with these children to show the world what amazing potential they have.

So very grateful,


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