Sunday, November 1, 2009

Moving forward

The America's Giving Challenge is moving forward and so is Angel Cottage. Beds and mattresses are being moved in and the paint smell is on the way out. Beatrice and I decided to wait a week for the home to warm up and the paint smell to leave. It got quite cold in there after lots and lots of cold water was poured on the new concrete to help it cure. The walls have been painted a bright, cheerful yellow, and the dining room floor is red.

As the children prepare to move, we continue to work towards raising $10,000 for their needs. In the past 48 we have raised more than $250 and now only need to raise another $2,300 to meet our goal. A local girl scout troop recently donated more than $24 in change to help this cause. Way to go girls! More and more people are also purchasing holiday cards, with 50% of the cost of these cards going straight to the kids. Additionally, our annual Gifts From The World auction will begin on Nov. 14 with all the proceeds going to the needs of Angel Cottage.

The America's Giving Challenge ends on Nov. 6 at 1:00 MST. In the next 5 days, please ask as many people as you know to donate just $10 for these children, purchase holiday cards, or spread the word about our auction. Each of these is a way for you to provide vital assistance to the children of Angel Cottage. They are dreaming big because of the support from hundreds of people around the world.

Thank you for helping make their dreams come true!


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