Monday, December 28, 2009

An update on Humble Hearts

Yesterday I received unbelievable pictures of Humble Hearts...or where Humble Hearts used to be. It was completely shocking to me to see literally nothing left. I only received 2 pictures, but they really show that nothing remains.

Beatrice told me today that the attorneys involved are associated with organizations like Amnesty International who pay for the services. Part of the problem right now is that offices are closed due to the holiday so they are simply having to wait before they talk to anyone.

She also said that many of the building in the pictures you see still standing either weren't bulldozed because people were threatening to set fire to the bulldozers or have already been rebuilt. Maybe people have asked about Angel Cottage. Angel Cottage is in a completely different area of town and was not effected by this. The children will still be able to move in and attend school there, so we don't have to worry about them fortunately.

Information is painfully slow coming in, but as I know anything I'll let everyone know.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated to the rebuilding effort. I don't know yet where we will rebuild, but I do know that rebuilding has to occur. This school is vital to each of the children who attend.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tragic news from Humble Hearts

On the evening of the 22nd, I received one of the most heart-breaking emails ever from Beatrice. The government of Nairobi, Kenya is working to put a pipeline throughout the city. Sadly, they are simply bulldozing neighborhoods where the pipeline needs to be buried. Approximately one week ago, the government bulldozed Humble Hearts and the neighboring businesses and homes. I've been learning more and more details, but it's clear that most of the school is lost.

We are grateful that the latrines were left untouched and the water tank is safe. As the bulldozers were moving through the school, staff and neighbors were able to safe about 10 of the classroom blackboards and some books. However, all of the classrooms have been flattened as well as the office and kitchen.

Right now the question is where to rebuild the school. Community members are coming together and working with human rights lawyers trying to ensure that this doesn't happen again. Sadly the government is admitting that bulldozing the area was a mistake but are unwilling to help rebuild.

Right now there is a blackout through Nairobi because of intense rains, so I have been unable to get pictures of the destruction. What we know is that are going to need to raise a lot of money in order to rebuild Humble Hearts and allow the children to return to school.

During the holiday season, if there is any way you can help these children regain some of the hope they have lost please go to and make a donation.

Everyone at Angel Covers is so very sad that this has happened to children who already have so little. Your support through the year has been incredible. Please help us show these children that they will still be able to reach their dreams through an education.


Monday, December 7, 2009

December already?!

As I got to my office today, I was shocked that the calendar said December 7 already. Didn't my kids just return to school for the year a couple of weeks ago? Since I apparently missed a couple of months somewhere I have so much to tell you.
The annual Gifts From The World auction was a great success. More than $1,900 was raised for the children of Angel Cottage! When adding that to the total we have raised from the sale of holiday cards and the America's Giving Challenge, more than the $10,000 needed for the matching donation has been raised since October 1. What fabulous donors we have!! The first $5,000 has been sent to Angel Cottage and beds, tables, benches, materials for the fence, food, fuel for the stoves, and many other needed items were purchased for the children. Before school resumes in January, the remaining $10,000 will be sent and even more items will be purchased for these great kids. What an amazing Christmas present you have given them!!!

Speaking of presents... :-) As the holiday's approach, please remember to shop through the Angel Covers' website. By following this link, you will not only get your shopping done, but will also give Angel Covers 4% of your purchase without it costing you anything.

Searching for the perfect gift? Go to to complete your search. By using Good Search, Angel Covers will receive $.01 for each search you complete. I know $.01 doesn't sound like much, but just today we received a check for $36.54 because of people around the world designating Angel Covers when using Good Search. I've been using this service for months and I really believe it's just as good as Google and other other big search engines. Plus, through the toolbar, you can shop using Good Shop and Angel Covers will receive even more!

Our gift cards remain a great item for teachers or those who have everything. Our gift cards and greeting cards make great gifts and make a huge difference in the lives of children all over the world. Plus, there is still time to get custom made blankets, and many other items delivered to you by the holidays. Check out our website for lots of great ideas.

We still have two girls in our Mama's Wish program who need sponsors. For $130 a year or $11 a month, you can send one of these bright young ladies to high school. This would make a great present for someone or a wonderful way to end the year making a life changing gift to a child. Please contact Karen if you are interested in helping.

Your support throughout the year has changed the lives of children in China, Kenya, and Ukraine. Children are attending school, are receiving plenty of food each day, have new toys to play with, and are hitting developmental milestones they wouldn't have otherwise because of your generous gifts. Please help us end the year by continuing to show these children that each of them have a special place in our hearts.

So very grateful,