Monday, November 2, 2009

Before and After

I just love before and after pictures! They tell a story better than any words ever can. You may remember the pictures of of the kids crammed in their bedrooms at Angel Cottage. The beds are end to end, side to side, in small rooms with 2 and 3 children sleeping in each. Today, I got the best "after" picture of the girls' room at the new Angel Cottage!

I know that walking between beds seems completely normal. It is to most of us. But these girls have been living in very tight, very unhealthy rooms for the past 2 years because they have no where else to go. As soon as the kids move into the new Angel Cottage, they are going to feel like they are living in a mansion!

Angel Covers has a new fan page on Facebook. We will post pictures and updates from all our programs on a regular basis. Join us and see lots of before and after pictures as soon as we receive them.

Your support of the America's Giving Challenge is making Angel Cottage a home. Keep up the good work!

So grateful,


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