Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Angel Cottage is almost completed!

Months ago we started selling bricks to raise money for the construction the new Angel Cottage. For just $10 per word, donors purchased the opportunity to have their names or a short message carved into the bricks of Angel Cottage. These names were going to be carved into the bricks in the dinning room so the children of Angel Cottage would always see their inspirational messages and names of those who want them to succeed.

I received word today that construction workers are ready to start carving bricks! This is wonderful news because it means construction is very close to being finished. Each and every donor will soon be getting a picture of his/her brick. The children who move into Angel Cottage on Nov. 1 will see these wonderful messages and names as soon as they walk into the dinning room, and will be inspired to reach for the stars.

Because of our amazing supporters through the Giving Challenge, $5,000 of the money raised to make this house a home will be going to Humble Hearts this week. This money will be used to purchase additional beds, wardrobes, sewing equipment to learn a trade, and tables. We will be working hard to be sure these items are at Angel Cottage as soon as the children move in. Because of all of you, very soon these children will not have to share a bed, and for the first time will have tables for dining and studying.

On Friday, October 23 at 1:00 MST Angel Covers will be working to win the $1,000 daily bonus. Please continue to spread the word about the Giving Challenge! The children of Angel Cottage have hope because of all of you.

So very grateful,


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