Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Changing lives already

In the week since the America's Giving Challenge started, Angel Covers supporters have donated more than $4,100. Amazing! Because all of these donations are being matched by 50%, more than $6,150 is available to the children living at Angel Cottage.

Christine now lives at Angel Cottage and attends Humble Hearts. She is 8 years old and lost her hearing after contracting meningitis at the age of 3. None of her family members know sign language, and she was placed in a school for hearing children because her single mother couldn't afford a special school. Christine is now sharing a bed with 2 other girls, has no play area, no electricity, and must bail water from the floor when it rains.

A new, much more spacious, Angel Cottage will be completed and ready for the children to move in on Nov. 1. It will have electricity, running water, plenty of room to run and play, and a large dining room. Because of your donations through this challenge, kids like Christine will have a safe, fenced in play area and will now have a bed all their own.

Please ask everyone you know to give just $10 to this challenge. Kids like Christine deserve to live in a safe, loving home with room to play and study. Tables, chairs, book shelves, blackboards, and desks are all still needed to give these kids the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Friday, Nov. 16 at 1pm MST we will be launching our next daily challenge attempt. If we have the most donations by 1pm MST on Saturday we will win another $1,000 for these kids. We must work together to get more and more people donating $10 in order to make these kids dreams come true. Please help!

Grateful always.


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