Thursday, October 8, 2009

America's Giving Challenge

Yesterday the America's Giving Challenge began and the response has been overwhelming. In the first 24 hours, our supporters have come together and donated more than $2,000. Because so many different people donate, Angel Covers also received a $500 bonus donation from Giving Works. To say we are grateful would be an understatement!!

Throughout the evening, I keep thinking of the hundreds of people coming together to help 35 kids in Kenya. Sure, in a couple of short months, additional kids will come to Angel Cottage and learn how wonderful the staff and kids are. They will move in, begin going to school (many for the first time ever), and discover they have capabilities they were never encouraged to discover. Kids like Jane, who was raped and thrown out to live on the streets. She recently moved into Angel Cottage and is now learning that having HIV doesn't limit your abilities or your potential. But even after Angel Cottage is full, hundreds of you around the world will have come together to help 80 children. What a beautiful message that sends to these kids!

Please continue to spread the word about the America's Giving Challenge. This challenge doesn't end until Nov. 6 and we are again close to winning at least $500 tomorrow. Remember, the cause with the most individuals donating to their cause will win daily challenges as well as the overall challenge. That means that 4 individuals donating $10 each ranks us higher than one person donating $50. For most of us $10 is lunch out with friends, a cheap pizza for dinner, or a couple extras at the grocery store. During this challenge, $10 will completely change Jane's life and the lives of so many others like her.

Please go to our website, and click on the blue America's Giving Challenge box in the middle of the page. Pass this link to as many individuals as you can. What a powerful picture it is to think about hundreds of us coming together to show these kids how special they are and how much potential they have.


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