Sunday, October 11, 2009


"No matter how insignificant what you do may seem, it is important that you do it." Gandhi

As soon as I read this quote this morning, I knew it stated perfectly what I have been feeling for the past several days. So many people have told me they don't feel like donating $10 to Angel Covers through America's Giving Challenge is enough. They either didn't donate because $10 just "isn't enough to help" or they donated much more. And yet, $10 alone is completely changing lives.

When I met Michael 4 years ago, he was 18 years old. He was living with this mother who was barely able to feed her 5 children. Michael had always dreamed of receiving an education, but being born deaf, his father dying when Michael was very young, and living in the slums of Nairobi always prevented this dream from materializing. Now Michael is 22 years old, lives at Angel Cottage, and attends the Humble Hearts school for the Deaf. He shares a twin bed with one other child, has very few personal belongings, and is one of the nicest "kids" I've ever met.
Donations of only $10 will change Michael's life and the lives of all of the children living at Angel Cottage in ways they can only dream of. A donation of $10 will help purchase a bed so this young man doesn't have to squeeze in a small twin bed with another children because no other beds are available. $10 will purchase food for Michael so he doesn't have to wonder where his next meal is coming from. $10 will buy him socks with no holes or a chair to sit in for dinner. $10 will buy him the opportunity to dream of a time when he graduates from secondary school, continue on to college, and stop wondering how he's going to support himself.

A $10 donation to the America's Giving Challenge will be matched by 50% and make even more dreams come true for Michael and others like him.

If you haven't donated to this challenge, please donate soon. We are going to work hard to win the daily challenge from 3pm eastern on Monday the 12th to 3pm eastern on Tuesday the 13th to win the $1,000 first prize or the $500 second prize so that your $10 donation will go even further. In order to do that, we need the highest number of individuals donating $10. Please ask every single person you know to donate to change Michael's life. Every single person who donates $10 helps us move closer to the goal of providing these children with the home they will never have otherwise. This challenge isn't about raising the most money; it's about the greatest number of people coming together to meet a need.

No matter how insignificant $10 may seem, it is important that you donate and ask others to do the same. All of us coming together can truly change the world.

Grateful always,


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