Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let's keep fighting for the kids!

We have taken a couple of days off from talking about the Giving Challenge, but we are no less committed to providing for the deaf children of Humble Hearts. Since the challenge started almost 2 weeks ago, we have raised more than $6,700. Hundreds of people have donated to provide beds, tables, blackboards, desks, books, wardrobes, and other items all kids deserve to have in their home.

Children such as 11 year old Cynthia, who was born deaf and not allowed to attend school because her mother worked nights and slept during the day. She was allowed roam through the slums with no supervision and little food. When Cynthia first came to Humble Hearts at the age of 7, she not only began attending school, but she had a safe home for the first time in her life. For the first time, she knew she would be fed each and every day.

It's for kids like Cynthia that we took on the exhausting challenge. All of us know that working to spread the word about the daily challenges and finding new donors in order to move up in the overall challenge is not only exhausting, but also exciting, humbling, and completely overwhelming.

The children who live at Angel Covers face even bigger challenge each and every day. Please continue to spread the word about this challenge. Each and every one of us are able to take on the Giving Challenge and reduce the challenges faced by Cynthia and others.


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