Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friday, October 23 at 1:00pm MST


Joel and his mom came to Humble Hearts yesterday looking for a school for Joel. He is 4 years old, deaf, and lives with his mom who is barely able to afford her rent and food for the two of them. Because the new Angel Cottage is almost completed and so many people have come together to help us in the America's Giving Challenge, Joel's mother was told he could move into Angel Cottage in January and begin attending school.

During the past two weeks of the Giving Challenge, I've been talking about giving the children of Angel Cottage a home, and all of the things children deserve in their home...loving care-givers, their own beds, books, space to play. But, Joel has reminded me that this challenge is about so much more.

This challenge is all about giving these children a chance at a life that is completely different than they were born into. Because people around the world have come together to build Angel Cottage and put everything in it the children need, Joel will learn a language. Joel will learn math. He'll learn to read. Most importantly, Joel will learn he is capable. He'll start dreaming of a future that doesn't include wondering where his next meal is coming from or if his tin shack is going to leak during the rainy season.

Friday, October 23 at 1:00 starts the next daily challenge. Because of so many people, Angel Covers has won $500 in this challenge twice. Please help us this Friday by donating and asking others to do the same. This challenge isn't about beds and tables. It's about hope and's about futures.

Continuously grateful,


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