Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The last day in Kenya....

...is always completely crazy. The list of things we have to do is very long, including taking more pictures of sponsored kids, the lunch program, going to the bank, buying more de-worming medicine and completing physicals on kids who just arrived yesterday.

Yesterday was also full of tying up loose ends. We prioritized kids who need sponsors, labeled hundreds of pictures, visited the Dagoretti School, organized, planned, and generally ran around like we were running out of time. Yesterday all of the children of HH also received eye exams and were tested for color blindness. Edward, one of the deaf boys who has also lost eye sight in one eye seems to be color blind. Poor kid! I wonder how many more obstacles he's going to have to overcome. The good news is that this week he's been wearing his glasses, but really he's only wearing them because I'm here. He is so worried about breaking them normally, that he's afraid to wear them. No amount of talking can convince him that I know he's careful and it's ok to wear them all year. I'll try again today though.

As soon as possible, I'll be writing a much more detailed report of everything we have done and found. We are all shocked that only a few kids are in need of glasses, that more aren't sick, and that only about 6 preschool kids need to be de-wormed. We assumed the numbers of kids who needed help medically would be much higher given the circumstances. Much of this week has been focused on medical issues. We are so glad to be able to have a nurse with us to talk to the girls with epilepsy and migraines about their medication. Both started taking their medications after learning how it would help and the best way to take it in order to avoid side effects. That alone has made the trip worthwhile.

The rest of this week after I return home will be full of organizing pictures, returning emails, and writing reports. Thanks to everyone who has emailed and who supports this school! You are all the greatest!

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