Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kenya here I come!

In approximately 15 hours, I'll be on a plane headed to Kenya. For the first time, I'll be taking another couple with me and meeting a sponsor from Spain in Kenya. The trip is always a long one, and I always spend many hours making sure there are enough things to keep me busy on the plane during the 25 hour trip. Did I bring enough snacks, books, games, music? I certainly hope so.

But much more time is spent making sure that each and every pound of luggage is used to the best of our ability. This trip, more than 175 pounds of donations are being taking to Kenya. Everything from books, water bottles, school supplies, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and toys are going. But the one thing I'm most excited about are the t-shirts. Two amazing friends of mine make 360 t-shirts for the children and staff of Humble Hearts....enough for everyone to have one and a few extras for kids who start school in January. These t-shirts are beautiful! Made of bright colors, the message on the shirts was designed exclusively for Angel Covers and (more importantly) the children of Humble Hearts. The message, "Humble Hearts Giving the deaf a voice" is exactly what Humble Hearts stands for. This school is changing lives by showing both the hearing and deaf that deaf children can and do have a voice; that they are as capable as any other child.

Leaving home for 10 days is always difficult, but each trip the children of Humble Hearts inspire me. They show me that the troubles of my life are so much easier than theirs. They show me that sweating the small stuff, like having enough music for a long plane trip, isn't necessary; but living to your full potential each and every day is.


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