Sunday, September 13, 2009

I missed a few days

It's hard to believe it's Monday already and I haven't written since Friday. Between the rolling black-outs, our schedule, and nothing opening until 2:00 on Sunday's, it's been very hard to email. Kenya is going through a severe drought right now. Because of that, electricity is in great shortage. Kenya uses a lot of hydro power to generate electricity. Without water, there is no electricity. So, most days part of the city is dark for some time. At our hotel, there is no electricity from 7am to 6pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Friday we were able to take the high school kids to the Angel Cottage construction and paint. Everyone worked so hard! We were able to paint 9 HUGE rooms, 2 hallways, and the toilet rooms. This is just the base coat and the next time these rooms are painted, they will be a calm, cool color the children will enjoy for many years. Additionally, today the dining room walls be start being smoothed and prepared for names on the bricks to be added. This has been a long time coming, but soon all of you who bought a brick will have your name permanently in the dining room for the kids to see for years to come.

While kids were painting, final decisions were made in order to start a tailoring school for the deaf girls. These girls will be learning to sew, will take in jobs and have income for themselves and Angel Cottage. 15% of the income from this program will go into savings accounts for these girls to use for college, starting their own business, or getting an apartment. 45% will be used to purchase materials and other needs to sustain the program, and 40% of the income will be used to support the kids at the cottage through food purchases, electricity, water, etc. At the same time, the boys will be taught carpentry and the same percentages will apply. These are exciting programs that will not only teach the children valuable skills, but will continue to make Angel Cottage a self-sufficient home.

Saturday was spent doing a little sightseeing and relaxing a little more. Sunday, we were able to go to the market, and spent the evening testing the eye sight of the children living at Angel Cottage. Fortunately, only one seems to need glasses right away. We will also be testing all of the kids at HH today for both near and far sightedness, but also for colorblindness. This is quite the undertaking, but one we know is greatly needed.

Today I will also be visiting the Dagoretti School, were we have been able to start a chicken program in the past. This program is currently the only source of consistent income for this school, and therefore vital to its survival. I'm excited to see how it's changing the lives of these 500 children.

It's going to be a full 2 days until we leave for the US tomorrow evening. As always, there is so much more to tell and never enough time. Know that all your support is completely changing the lives of these children!


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