Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kenya Day ????

Any of you who have traveled internationally know that it's difficult to even remember what day is is sometimes. I arrived in Kenya on Monday evening and spent yesterday at the Humble Hearts school. I'm fairly sure that makes today Wednesday morning, but I wouldn't bet on it. :-)

Yesterday was spend exchanging money, visiting kids at Humble Hearts, passing out t-shirts (and they look great!) and have a ceremony for the children who preformed at the national competition in Mumbasa. There are 3 volunteers here with me, and they have long list of jobs they have started too. You know you week is packed when conversations on day 1involve how to get everything done this week.

Jill, a nurse, spent hours yesterday giving the children physicals and making health records for each of them. She has a long way to go, but just knowing that each child is getting checked for ringworm, having his/her eyes checked, and general health evaluated is a huge blessing.

Ivan has spent the last 2 days recording new biographical information for each of the unsponsored kids and taking their pictures. This is also a huge job because there are more than 200 unsponsored kids! Byron and I spent time sorting donations and today he will work on building new desks...a much needed item.

It has been great to see the new concrete floors in all the classrooms, and the addition of a class 7 room, making it easier for these children to learn.

Angel Cottage continues to be grossly over-crowded. Friday we will go to the new construction site and paint, but I can't help but wonder when it will finally be done and the children living at Angel Cottage can move into this new and beautiful home. They are simply crammed into living conditions that no one should love in. I realize that in many ways it's better than what they would have if they lived elsewhere, but that doesn't make it right. This home must be completed soon. They deserve room to run, a bed of their own, running water and electricity.

There is so much more to tell even after just one day here, but I'll save some for later. I'm hoping to be able to post pictures this week, as the new broadband system makes the internet connection much faster than it used to be, but we'll see.

Thanks to all of you for your support of HH. Every time I come, it's obvious to me what a huge difference your support is making for these children.

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