Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Earthquake in China

As you may have heard by now, there has been a large earthquake in Qinghai Province where Angel Covers supports several schools. The following schools were not damaged and the students are safe: TongRen, JianZha, and Xuri. The Chenduo (WenLe) School is not reporting any damage, although homes in the area are damaged. The students at the school are also safe.

Unfortunately, the Batang School ("Yak School") is located near the epicenter of the earthquake and we are not able to reach anyone at the school. The school is located in an extremely remote mountainous area at appx. 4,000 meters and it is difficult to access. Although we have heard that up to 90% of the homes in the area are buried and up to 70% of the school buildings have collapsed, we stress at this early stage that these are unconfirmed reports. We will keep sponsors of this school informed as information comes in. Please be patient, as we do not know how long it will be before we will receive further news.

In neighboring Sichuan Province, we have read that aid has been sent into Ganze County, which was also affected by the quake. The RenZhen, XiangGen, and JiaDeng Schools are located in this area. We have not received word from any of these schools but are hopeful that they are safe since they are some distance from the epicenter.

We will keep you posted as news arrives.

Angel Taylor

Education Director

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