Sunday, April 18, 2010

Help Arrives at Batang School

Jian Cuo arrived in Yushu with the first truck filled with food, water, and supplies. We were so grateful to learn that all of the students in the Batang School are safe! Sadly, the school and dorms are too dangerous to enter, so the students have been sent away to live with extended family members or villagers who live nearby. There are 25 students who have nowhere to go, so some of the teachers have remained at the school to stay with them until a safe living arrangement can be made. Jian Cuo delivered tents and supplies to the school and met with the headmaster about the school’s plans for the future.

Although the buildings in the school compound are still standing and don’t look badly damaged, the structural integrity is not sound. This is most evident when looking at rooftops and at the cracks in the walls, particularly in the dorms where the children and teachers sleep. Unfortunately, it is assumed that the children will not be able to return to school this year. The school’s future is uncertain at this point and will depend on donations from supporters as well as financial aid from the local, provincial, and national government. The headmaster’s top priority and immediate goal is to find safe housing for the remaining 25 orphans.

We are saddened to learn that the school will have to close, at least for now, but we are incredibly grateful that there was no loss of life or injuries at our little yak school in Yushu. Please keep the headmaster of this school in your thoughts, as he is in charge of ten primary schools in Yushu and it will be an enormous undertaking to get the damaged schools reopened.

We hope to send another truck filled with supplies to Jiegu, the county seat of Yushu County and hardest hit by the earthquake. More photos from the relief efforts there will be posted tomorrow. Every penny helps. If you can, please click on this link to show your support of these children and others impacted by the recent earthquake.

Angela Taylor
Education Director

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