Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mama's Wish Families Provide Food for Earthquake Victims

What do you give when you have almost nothing? Turns out, cheese. When our Mama’s Wish director in China went shopping in Xining for disaster relief supplies to deliver to the Batang School in quake-ravaged Yushu, there were two items he wasn’t able to purchase. One was tents, the other was cheese. He found tarps and rope, blankets and bedding, masks and gloves, coats and shoes, and lots of flashlights.

But not enough cheese. So he sent word to the TongRen School about the need for cheese and within hours word spread through the nearby villages that Teacher Jian Cuo needed cheese to deliver to Yushu. Many families of the Mama’s Wish students walked to the school and delivered cheese and tsamba (a traditional Tibetan staple food made with roasted barley flour and ghee) from their own cupboards at home. Others living nearby donated cheese and tsamba as well. Villagers may have a little less food for dinner tonight, but they are sleeping better knowing that they have been able to contribute.

Please join with us as we work together as a global community to bring comfort to victims of the earthquake. To show your support, click on our donation page and mark your donation for the China Earthquake.

Angela Taylor
Education Director

*Update: Jian Cuo found and purchased 160 tents somewhere on the 800 km journey between Xining and Yushu!

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