Friday, March 26, 2010

Mama's Wish - Letters from the Heart

It is always such a delight when we receive a big batch of letters and photos from our Mama's Wish students. We are so happy to be able to share these letters with their sponsors. Some of the letters are funny and sweet, while others are quite poignant and moving.

Dear Sponsor,
I grew up in a poor family in a rural nomadic village. Since my family
is really poor, our school fees became a big problem and a huge family burden. In order to earn money my grandparents always left home to do temporary work even though they are very old. I told them many times that I want to leave school and help them earn money, but they disagree with me and don't want to damage my life.

Your help is like a lamp in the dark and brought brightness to my life. You have given me courage to try all the things that I'm interested. When I write this letter my heart is full of appreciation. I will always
keep your kindness in my heart, study hard and never disappoint you.

Warm regard,


Dear respected sponsor,
I am 17 years old and come from a poor rural family. My dream is to become a useful and talented person in the future.

My mother is deaf but she is capable of doing housework. I am really happy that my mother, who has never been educated, wants all her children to go to school. I am very proud of her, but at the same time I feel sorry for her. She is suffering so much because of her children. Being a daughter I want to stay home and help her with everything I can. But she does not allow me to do so. She hopes that we siblings have a happy life. No matter how hard she works, it is so difficult for such a poor family when there is no man who can support the family.

Just when I was not sure if I could continue, your kindness has given me this chance to continue my study and to become a knowledgeable person. Your kind help has given me hope for my future. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Best wishes to you!


Thank you to all our wonderful Mama's Wish sponsors who are making these dreams come true.

Karen MacNair
Mama's Wish Education Program

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