Monday, March 15, 2010

Team Angel Covers

I logged seven miles on Friday morning, in the fog and drizzle, with no one but the earthworms to keep me company! Poor worms, by mile 2 it was no longer a matter of attempting to adjust my pace and cadence to navigate around the little creepy crawlers, but more a matter of looking for the least populated spots for my feet to land. Despite being alone on the trail, I felt good about being out there, training for my race and brainstorming all of the ways to raise awareness about Angel Covers and the work we do. One tremendous step would be to have some partners in this adventure, so how about joining me? There are four easy steps:

1. Choose a race in your area. You can find local races by searching or the 'Race finder' on Maybe you're a new runner or walker, and a 5K is the distance for you, or maybe you're a bit more seasoned athlete and a ½ marathon or full marathon are on your goals list. Find a race and register!
2. Set a fundraising goal. Angel Covers' staff can help you choose a particular program to direct your contributions to.
3. Spread the word. We'll help you set up a page on the Angel Covers website and you can add a widget to your blog, facebook page, or anywhere else you can think of to get the word out.
4. Keep us updated on your progress so we can share your amazing efforts with our supporters!

Not sure about running yourself? Please help me instead by going to and making a donation.

Running for a cause,

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