Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Caring people around the world.

I'm the first to admit that I'm not always very good about telling you how many ways people are helping Angel Covers and the kids we serve. But every month, someone new comes forward wanting to help. Sometimes it's for big jobs, like coordinating our programs, and other times it's in smaller ways. The last several months have been no different.

At the end of 2009, Rossella decided to participate in World Run Day. She made a pledge to Angel Covers and ran 7 miles in our honor. Some people would say that the $20 she pledged won't go very far, but $20 will buy a piece of fruit for 250 kids in Kenya, or feed an orphan in China for a month. Can we really say that $20 didn't make much of a difference? The children she supported think it did.

After returning from Kenya in September, Ivan had the idea to create money boxes and set them out at pharmacies around Spain. This week Ivan sent us $375 collected from these money boxes, which will be used to help rebuild the Humble Hearts school. That will buy at least 15 desks, or sets of textbooks, or blackboard.

In January, a Daisy troop collected two boxes full of first aid supplies for Humble Hearts. They also made adorable picture frames for the children of Angel Cottage. So often we take for granted that when we get a cut, a bandaid and antibiotic ointment will be waiting for us in the medicine cabinet. But the girls of this daisy troop realize how comforting and necessary first aid supplies are, and have provided months of comfort to the children of Humble Hearts.

Yesterday I learned that Abi, age 10, raised enough money to sponsor a Mama's Wish girl for one year. WOW! At the age of 10, she raised $130.00 and is now changing the life of a teenager halfway around the world. Xianba Ji will now be able to attend high school, will not be forced to marry at 14, and will have options after graduation she never could have dreamed of before....all because a 10 year old decided to raise money for her.

Today I learned that one of our program coordinators is going to run the Fredrick half marathon in May. She is establishing "Team Angel Covers" and developing a program so that anyone around the world can also run a half or full marathon in order to raise funds for specific needs in our programs. Want to run for Angel Covers? More information will be following soon about this new program and how you can get involved. Run as a group or individually knowing you are running with the support of Angel Covers. You will not only finish your race, but provide children around the world with what they need to finish ahead in life. Lots of thanks goes to Holly for developing this great program!
Every little thing we do makes a huge difference in lives around the world. I believe people around the world doing things such as these are the real heroes. What can you do today to make a difference in the world around you?
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