Monday, October 17, 2011

Working Hard at Humble Hearts

Monday in Nairobi was full of hard work. Ida and Jacob spent hours taking pictures of all the kids at the school, sponsored or not. Ida also interviewed all of the children who don't have sponsors and collected wonderful new social history information. So, if you know someone who is interested in sponsoring, we have 30 or so kids who need someone.

With only 120 kids at Humble Hearts now, passing out supplies takes much less time. Every child at the school received a water bottle, 3 pencils, a toothbrush and tooth paste. Markers, colored pencils, stickers, band aids, back packs, highlighters, more toothbrushes and toothpaste, even more pencils and pens, crayons, deodorant, and countless other things are all stored in the office and will be passed as as the children need them.

Recently, Raising Hope International donated funds for a playground to be built. Saying the kids love it, would be like saying the ocean is a puddle. :-) They are THRILLED and spend every moment possible on the swings, slide, seesaw, and jungle guy. A man was also hired to paint a mural on the wall next to the playground. The cheerful pictures next to the playground, and the equipment painted bright colors, creates a very happy place for the kids to play after a long day at school. Jacob spent a long time playing with the kids on the playground today.

Lots of time is being spent learning about possible income generating projects for Humble Hearts. Hours of brain-storming is leading great ideas and hoping in the next couple of days we'll have plans that will make a huge different to Humble Hearts.

Tomorrow will be another day with lots of works, so stay tuned!

ps. Apparently in the 1st blog about this trip I said that we arrived on the 22nd. Of course that's not right, since it's not even the 22nd yet. We arrived on the 12th (after leaving Denver on the 11th) and will arrive home on the 21st. Clearly jet-lag has set it. :-)

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