Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Last Day in Kenya

Today is my last day in Kenya, and I assume my last blog. Yesterday was very interesting, we went to Dagoretti to drop some supplies off at the school. Dagoretti is a much larger school than Humble Hearts, yet in more need than Humble Hearts. We toured the school, and ate some roasted peanuts, hot chocolate, and bananas. Roasted peanuts in the United States are roasted and then packaged; but in Kenya, they are roasted and served warm. They are the best.

After leaving Dagoretti, we went to the Java Cafe and had some lunch. We then went over to the enormous Nakumatt (Kenyan Walmart, with way more in it: Appliances, furniture, etc.) and looked at mattresses for Humble Hearts. We bought 10 mattresses and packed them in the back of Beatrice's car. We had to fold down the back seat and sit on the back of the back seat with the mattresses in our backs.

We left the store at 5:00. This is very important to know about the car ride home. We got stuck in traffic on the way back. We finally got back to the house, and it was 8:01. This was the biggest traffic jam I had ever seen. People ran out of gas because they were just burning fuel when stopped behind cars.

Today, we went to another store and bought some more mattresses, seven to be exact. This was not quite enough to have to fold down the back seat, but the trunk was packed. The kids were so happy to have the new mattresses at the school. Along with mattresses, we also ordered four, triple bunk beds, so that all the kids would be off the floor.

We leave at around 10:30 Kenya time tonight, and I have learned a lot. I am really excited to get home to my friends and family.

-Jacob Fillmore

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Lynn & Chris said...

Good work, Jacob. We're excited to hear more about your time there. Those traffic jams top any I've ever seen in the States--even L.A.! Safe travels home.