Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another Day in Kenya

After another couple of days in Kenya, lots has happened. Yesterday was picture day at Humble Hearts. We made all the kids name tags and took their pictures one by one by class. After all the kids in the school had their pictures taken, the kids went back to their classes.

A little while later kids started piling on the see-saw. I quickly went over to play with them. At one point we had 10 kids on the see-saw. I was operating the see-saw so that the kids would get their enjoyment out of it, and not just sit there.

Today, before we went to Humble Hearts, we went to a shop to see what it would cost to get some more beds for Humble Hearts. When we got to Humble Hearts, we had a lot to do. Right away, we went into the kitchen to start making popcorn for all the kids and staff. Along with popcorn, the kids were also getting soda, yogurt candies, and biscuits (cookies).

It was a lot of fun to put the popcorn in bags and put the biscuits in with them. After that, I went out and played a game of tag on the jungle gym. I was moving around so much on the metal bars that my hand got a blister. We then finally went to the field and started sports day. There was a sprint (which I came last in), a relay race, a volley ball game and a soccer game.

After all the sporting activities were through, we passed out the popcorn, soda, and candy. The kids were really happy to have all this, and it was a lot of fun, yet we are now all really tired.

-Jacob Fillmore

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