Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tis the Season....

Ok, not that season. But, it is the end of the school year season. Must of us in May and June are frantically trying to make all of the school plays, help our kids finish up big projects, and decide on gifts for teachers.

Little Brian Musyoka is 4 years old, is fatherless, and his mother is a prostitute. Before coming to Humble Hearts, Brian was locked out of his home and left to the mercy of kind neighbors. He has an eye problem that was never diagnosed or treated. But, because of wonderful donors giving the gift of education to children in African through our gift card program, Brian is now living at Angel Cottage and attending Humble Hearts.

These of Brian, children at Humble Hearts with fruit, and Tommy in China are all small representations of how gift cards have changed children's lives. These children and many others have been given gifts they never would have expected because so many people chose our gift cards for teacher gifts, Mother's day, Father's day, birthday's, etc.

Gift cards are the perfect way to give a meaningful gift to someone you care about while helping children around the world. Please consider going to http://www.angelcovers.org/giftcard s.html and give the gift of a new life.

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