Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It only takes a few

Julius grew up in a very small rural village in Kenya. He desperately wanted to attend nursing school, as there is no medical care for miles and miles of his village, and adults and children frequently die of such issues as diarrhea, lack of vitamins, and child birth. Three years ago, three fabulous woman came together to sponsor Julius Fentra. These women paid for his schooling, housing, and provided him spending money for food and other necessities. They wrote encouraging emails to him, and were excited when he sent reports of high grades.

Saturday I learned that Julius is done with school and awaiting his scores on final exams. Although we know he did great, the results won't be back until September. The next step will be completing and internship. Julius is so close to achieving his dream of providing medical care for his village. Because of these 3 sponsors, Juluis has not only had his life completely changed, but the benefit to his village is immeasurable.

Would you like to make a change in the world like this? Please consider sponsoring Charles. Charles graduated from high school a year ago against all odds. His father died many years ago, and during high school, his mother also died. He has had to fight for everything he's ever had. Angel Covers paid for him to attend secondary school and his grades were amazing. Just recently, Charles was given a scholarship to attend the University of Nairobi to study civil engineering. Although the scholarship covers most of his costs, he still needs $2,600 for living expenses and a tuition fee. If you would like to help Charles realize his dreams, please go to http://www.angelcovers.org/donation.html and make a donation. Just put "Charles" in the memo section and you will be an official sponsor changing Charles' life.

I have always said that Angel Covers has the best supporters out there. Julius' story proves that our sponsors really do completely change lives.

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