Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Angel Covers is Huaibei, Anhui

Angel Covers recently sent a volunteer to the Huaibei, Anhui SWI to meet the staff, see the children, and evaluate needs. What she found was exciting! We have always known that the staff at the Huaibei, SWI (Social Welfare Institute) truly cares about the children. They are loving, in tune with the children’s needs, and work hard to give the children the best care possible.

Laureen and her son arrived at the SWI and was given a tour of the baby’s rooms, the play room, and the grounds right away. The babies looked wonderful! They have put on weight since Angel Covers started supplementing the formula and rice cereal they receive, and have been less likely to get sick. Laureen stated that all of the 50 babies looked healthy, well fed, and very clean. As they toured the SWI, Laureen saw the formula Angel Covers purchases, the kitchen where meals are prepared, and the old broken down refrigerator the staff uses. Buying a new refrigerator quickly became a priority.

When touring the playroom, Laureen saw the bouncers and strollers Angel Covers has purchased in the past, as well as other toys for the children. The staff of Huaibei tries to take the older children to this room each day, and when the weather is nice, they are taken outside to play on the playground.

The Assistant Director took Laureen shopping and dozens of blankets and towels were purchased. Here is what Laureen said about their shopping trip. “We bought many blankets and large bath towels. We decided that the towels (soft ones) can be used as both blankets in the summer or towels when needed. The orphanage was warm and the need was for lighter blankets. In addition, the refrigerator outside the kids’ room where the formula and food is made was very old and not working, so we purchased a new refrigerator. It was $279.00 and AC paid $250 and the orphanage paid $29. There was a smaller one for 250.00, but they preferred the larger one.”

Angel Covers would love to work on purchasing additional items for the playroom. The floor is hard and the orphanage staff is concerned about the children throwing toys and breaking them. Therefore, toys other than balls are generally not allowed. Angel Covers would like to buy additional padded floor squares and many toys, so the children have a wide variety of items to play with. The need for additional physical and mental stimulation is great.

Additionally, the need for medical evaluations is also great. Anyone interested in helping fund physicals for children with known medical needs such as cleft lips and palates, possible heart conditions, and others. Angel Covers have established a fund for these needs and would be happy to receive your donation.

The nutrition program for Huaibei is always in need of additional sponsors as well. If you or someone you know is interested in supporting this life-changing program, please go to and you will be able to make a donation specific for Huaibei.

To see additional pictures of Laureen’s visit to Huabei, go to
Thanks to all of you who have supported this program! You have changed the lives of these children.

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