Thursday, May 7, 2009

An Angel Cottage Update

As you probably know, Angel Covers hosted a fundraising event at the Madcap Improv Theater on Sunday, May 3. Complete with a silent auction and private show by the Macap actors, this was a fun afternoon full of laughs and was a great success. $7,000 was raised for the construction of Angel Cottage! This money will soon be sent to Kenya so that construction can continue. With less than $18,000 still needed to complete this project, the children who will call Angel Cottage home, are closer to moving into a new home with plenty of space to run around and grow strong.

An additional 20 children who are currently on the wait list for Angel Cottage will also move into this new home. Currently these children are not attending Humble Hearts School because it too far or too dangerous to walk there everyday. Angel Cottage will not only provide a safe place for them to live, but will also allow them access to a great education, medical care, and healthy nutrition....none of which they currently have.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project and came to our event on Sunday. You are completely changing lives.


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