Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuesday in Kenya

Ok, so today is actually Wednesday here, but I thought I'd write about yesterday mostly. First I'll say I'm sorry for not posting pictures. I've been lucky to be able to post a blog at all given how slow the Internet is, and pictures have been impossible. I'll keep trying though. Promise!

Yesterday was wonderful. After exchanging money, we shopped for all of the food for the staff appreciation party. And what a fun party that was. Way too much food was made, and of course we just had to eat it all. The staff of Humble Hearts are all wonderful. They love the kids and they love their jobs, despite the fact that they are under paid and working in less that optimal conditions. We give them gifts of hand made wooden pens and they couldn't have loved them more. Everyone was so grateful and I was quick to tell them that without all of them working hard for the kids, the school would be nothing. The evening ended well after dark after lots of singing and dancing. It couldn't have been more perfect.

Today we will be buying textbooks for the school (we ran out of time yesterday), visiting the Angel Cottage construction, and sorting through all of the school supplies we brought. I walked around HH yesterday and realized how much things have changed in the past 2 years since I was last here. The water tank purchased 2 years ago is invaluable. The garden planted by a wonderful group from Oregon make everything look so fresh, and the concrete on the floors of some of the classrooms make it possible for the children to learn without sinking into the mud.

There is still lots of work to do though. 7 1/2 classrooms still need concrete on the floors, roofs need to be fixed, and there are never enough textbooks, desks, or supplies. Please spread the word as much as you can about these great kids, staff, and needs. Everyone who talks about this school to others is helping is a huge way. Once again these children have stolen our hearts and I hope they will steal yours too.



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Lynn said...

Kari-thanks for all you posts from the trip (I know how hard it is to do!). Having a party for the teachers was a wonderful idea and something they probably don't get much of! I'd have loved to be there for the singing!