Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Formula in China

Recently we have all heard the horrible stories of children in China who have consumed formula tainted with melamine. This chemical is used in things such as wood adhesives, flame retardants, and various coatings. It has caused thousands of children throughout China to become seriously ill, and at least 4 have died.

Angel Covers purchases formula in China for the Huaibei, Anhui orphanage. However, Angel Covers only purchases Nestle formula, which has not been found to have been tainted with melamine. We have been very concerned about the children in our programs, as many of you have been, and have been asking for confirmation that the Nestle formula we purchase is safe. Nestle's formula has been tested by Nestle, the Chinese Bureau of Heath, and Civil Affairs with the same results. No melamine was found. Tests have also been conducted outside of China with the same results.

We are so relieved to know the children in our programs are not at risk. We will continue to do everything possible to protect the children in Huaibei and keep them as healthy as possible.

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