Tuesday, May 27, 2008

General Donations

I am frequently asked why general funds are so important. This is such a great question because funds for specific programs are talked about often and are vital to any program. Donations designated for specific programs keep those programs running on a day to day basis, support specific children, and meet specific needs. So, why are general funds so important?

I recently received a long list of items that were purchased and services received at the Humble Hearts School for the Deaf in Kenya. All of these needs were met because of general donations to the school. Approximately $1,670 was sent to Humble Hearts for general needs in April. In addition, one sponsor generously sent socks for any child who needed them.
The list of needs that was met is extensive....latrines were drained, mattresses were purchased for the preschool class, charts and posters were purchased for classrooms, pads were purchased for the older girls, chairs were added to the library and staff room, textbooks were purchased for the high school kids, the electric bill was paid, and medication was purchased for children with malaria and colds.

Although vitally important, none of these items are covered by sponsorship fees. Who would ever want to sponsor the draining of a latrine? Yuck! But because general funds were available to Humble Hearts, this vital need was met and children are less likely to become ill.

So next time you wonder if general funds make a difference, please remember this list of what was provided for the children of Humble Hearts in April. Every single dollar makes a huge difference.

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Lynn said...

That's great news! And such a small sum, really, that provides so much essential help.