Friday, May 2, 2008


For years Angel Covers has worked from the basic belief that without education, no one is able to achieve all they are capable of becoming. We have children you can sponsor at schools around the world, donors have generously given to our general education fund, and our auction is a wonderful success each year.

Because of your support, children in China and Kenya have been able to go to school. They are now getting the education they need to succeed in the world. Classroom floors have been cemented, books have been purchased, posters are on the walls, and tuition is paid. Tommy is a perfect example. In the LWB Believe in Me school in Jingzhou, he is 2 years old and is learning to hold a pencil, count to 10, and is developing his social skills. Because of your donations through gift cards for education programs, Angel Covers was able to provide the needed funds for Tommy to stay in school for the next year.

Purchasing note cards made by children in Kenya has provided new roofs, floors, and books to children at the Humble Hearts School. Many of these children walk miles each morning to attend school. They are trying to beat the odds and your support of them through gift cards and the purchase of note cards is making their dream a reality.

For my children and many others throughout the United States, school is coming to an end this year and it's time to think about gifts for teachers. Please consider an education gift card or a box of these beautiful note cards for your child's teacher. Your gift will not only show your gratitude toward your child's teacher, but will also help children around the world.

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