Thursday, June 19, 2008

Every Mother's Wish

Angel Covers decided to add the Mama's Wish program one year ago. We were not only excited by the opportunity, but were confident we could find sponsors for the 50 or so girls we agreed to send to school. Then something amazing happened. Sponsors came forward for 100 girls (93 high school and 7 college) and all were sent to school. Children who had been told there was no hope of attending high school were suddenly told to pack their bags. Many tears were shed around the world as these girls' lives were changed forever.

One year later, we have the honor of planning for the second year of this program. Three of "our" high school girls have graduated and are now waiting on the results of their college entrance exams while we work on finding sponsors for them for college....with full confidence they will be accepted.

Reports recently sent to sponsors included letters from their girls. All are honored to have the opportunity to attend school, and many feel they are learning first hand how to spread joy and kindness to others. Here is a small part of one young woman's letter.

"I hope to become as kindhearted as you, so starting from this year, I will take the compassion you have shown to me and use it to be just as compassionate to others around me. I helped out one of the girls in our village. Everyone knows about her because last year her father passed away. Afterwards, there was only her mother to help pay for her expenses. They truly are very poor, so I gave them a pair of shoes and a pair of pants. To others, this may not seem like any sort of help, but to a really poor family, getting financial help is as difficult as the sky is vast."

We are thrilled to know that most of the 100 sponsors will be able to continue their sponsorship for the coming year. We are looking for a few new sponsors though, so if you or someone you know is able to help these amazing girls, please contact Karen at She would be happy to match you with a child, whose life you will completely change.

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