Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet Emilio

In late 2009, Emilio was only a few months old living in the Huaibei, SWI in China. He was in great pain and in need of surgery for intestinal atresia. Fortunately Emilio was able to have surgery and began putting on weight right away and in July we were able to place him in a loving foster home in Huaibei, Anhui. Emilio is simply thriving! Emilio is walking around his new home holding onto his foster mother’s hand and is able to stand on his own. He’ll be walking on his own soon for sure! He has favorite toys, and does a great job feeding himself table food. His foster mom is completely in love with him and describes Emilio as lovely, active, and even a little naughty. We think that sounds just about perfect for an eleven month old.

By the December 31, Angel Covers would like to raise $3,000 for kids just like Emilio. As I type this, there is another little boy just waiting for a foster home. He too has recovered from life-saving surgery, but funding is not available to provide him with a foster home just yet. As of today, $110 has been raised towards our goal of $3,000. We are thrilled to know that we are on our way to providing a home for even more deserving children like Emilio. Would you please send this email to all your friends and family? A donation of just $10 will quickly add up and make a life-changing difference for Emilio and so many others.

Always grateful for the support of so many,

Kari Fillmore

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