Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bringing the joy of a family to orphans in China.

Angel Covers believes every child deserves a safe, loving home in which to learn and grown. The recent establishment of our foster care program not only provides children a loving home, but provides personal care most needed following surgery. In a partnership with Love Without Boundaries, children in the Huaibei, Anhui orphanage in China are given life-changing surgery and the first priority to a loving foster family once surgery is complete. Foster families provide individualized attention to these beautiful children following a very stressful time in their short lives. Personal care quickly meets the needs of these medically fragile children.

Prior to the child entering foster care, the new family is provided a crib, clothing, bottles, and other necessities for the baby. The family must also pass a health screening in order to ensure they are physically capable of caring for another child. Monthly, an Angel Covers’ monitor visits each family to ensure the home is safe, the children are meeting developmental millstones, and their medical condition is improving. Our dedicated monitor will return to the home more frequently if any questions or concerns arise. The monitor also ensures the children are made available for adoption, providing a forever family to kids such as Emillio who received surgery for a bowel obstruction, or Anton who was born with a cleft lip. Both of these children are now thriving in foster care.

Angel Covers has partnered with Facebook to raise $3,000 to fund the three children currently placed in loving foster homes. Costs such as monthly monitoring, health screenings, and start-up costs for beds, bottles and other necessities are on-going expenses necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of these great kids and others who will follow.

Can you please help us provide safe, loving homes for these very deserving children by going to our Facebook page and making a donation? No donation is too small. Every single dollar donated goes directly to the care of these medically fragile children. Please join us in showing Anton, Harrison, and Emillio how much you care.

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