Monday, March 16, 2009

Web searches help Angel Covers

How many times a week do you search for things on the internet? Dozens? Hundreds? Now there is a great way to do all your searches and help Angel Covers too. Angel Covers has recently registered with Good Search. With Good Search, you are able to search on anything just like you do now with Google and others. But, when you pick Angel Covers as your charity of choice, Angel Covers will get a donation of $.01 for each search you make. OK, so $.01 doesn't sound like much. But, think about how many times a week you search the internet. Pennies add up quickly. Millions of dollars are raised each year by charities around the world by asking children to save their pennies. This is no different. Millions of dollars have been donated by Good Search to Charities throughout the country.

Please go to and check it out. You can easily add a tool bar so that you never have to remember to go to the Good Search site. I added a tool bar to my screen a couple of months ago and love it! Since it's there, I remember to use Good Search every time I need to complete a search and it's not in the way at all.

Thanks for considering this easy way to help Angel Covers. It's quick to add and costs you nothing to complete searches and help children around the world.


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