Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Water is so precious!

Everyone will agree that water is vital to our health and survival. Everyday I’m so thankful I can simply turn on the faucet and watch it flow. I am constantly thinking of ways to use less to help protect the planet, but never do I truly worry about not having water when I need it. The children living at Angel Cottage aren’t so lucky. For the past several years, there has been a terrible drought in Kenya. Because it’s summer in Kenya now, the hot weather is making water harder and harder to come by. Because there is no water tank at Angel Cottage, the staff is forced to buy water from the city each week and store it in any container available. Unfortunately, so few containers are available for water storage that the children are running out after only 2 days, causing the staff to purchase water at a much higher price from neighbors or local businesses.

The solution? To purchase a large water tank for Angel Cottage, just like the one that already exists at Humble Hearts. This tank can be purchased for $2,150 and will be large enough to provide all 37 children water for at least a week. And, after the new Angel Cottage is completed, the tank can be moved to the new home and used there. Although the new Angel Cottage will have access to running water, frequently during drought this water is shut off and the tank will provide a great back up system for the children and their caregivers. Additionally, this water tank will be a source of income because excess water in the tank can be sold to neighbors in need. Please consider donating to this critical need! www.angelcovers/donation.html

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