Monday, February 4, 2008

Good News from January

First I want to thank all of you who helped LWB win the Facebook Challenge! They are overjoyed and now 10 babies will get the heart surgery they need. How perfect is that?!

Speaking of heart babies....Angel Covers had agreed to help raise funds for baby Cong before LWB won this challenge. Now she is fully funded! To those of you who donated....THANK YOU! We will be getting those funds to LWB this week and I'll keep you updated on her surgery.

Baby Hua's care was also fully funded in January. You may remember that he was the TINY baby born prematurely. He is doing better and better each day. The update I received yesterday is that he is eating on his own every 2 hours and weighs 3.6 lbs. up from 2.2 lbs. He will still be in the hospital for a while, but I was thrilled to hear about his improvements.

Angel Covers was also able to purchase 40 cribs for the Chuzhou orphanage. The director asked if they could have even more, so another 25 will be sent. If you'd like to help with this need, please go to They really could use another 40, rather than 25. The director told us that the kids were so excited when the new cribs arrived they had a terrible time gong to sleep. :-) We have also ordered baby bouncers for them, which are expected to arrive next month.
Isn't this little girl adorable! That is from our nutrition program in Huaibei. Chuzhou has also asked for a nutrition program of baby formula and rice cereal. It came to our attention in January that the babies are being fed adult milk powder. If you or anyone you know would like to help start a nutrition program for these babies, please let me know! Right now we are looking for pledges to start this program, which will cost at least $1500 a month.

As you know, the violence in Kenya has been great throughout January. We were thrilled to hear that all of the 250 children attending Humble Hearts are safe. Although they have not all been able to return to school, they have called and we know they will return as soon as they can. We also know they will have lunch each day because of a grant received at the end of 2007. Food each day for us is considered normal....for them it's extraordinary.

We have also started a new problem to help raise funds for Angel Cottage. This is a home we are building for approximately 80 children. The current Angel cottage has 36 kids living in a home made for 25 originally. For just $10 you can put your first name on a brick. Those bricks will be huge throughout Angel Cottage and remind the kids of all of us around the world who love them. Please consider donating $10 for yourself and each person in your family! Let's give the kids a way to see each day how much they are loved by strangers around the world.

Our 2007 Annual Report is done and will be on the website by tomorrow. Everyone on out mailing list will also be getting an email with the link. Please check out all the amazing things you help accomplished in 2007.

There are still a few styles of shoes on sale, although they are going fast. The passenger pals and sweatshirts also on sale. Much of our income for our general funds comes from the sales of our products. Please keep this in mind with you need a gift. And, don't forget to shop or through our website. You'll be making a huge difference in the lives of so many kids without any extra effort.

Thank you for all you do!!!