Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's all about the kids.

When Angel Covers started almost 5 years ago, I said that we would not have our own programs, build our own orphanages, start our own schools. There are wonderful organizations out there that are already doing fabulous work, and my goal was simply to support them. Well, clearly plans changed.

What I realized is that there isn't an organization out there that can do all of the work that needs to be done. So, we started doing some of it too. Angel Covers has provided medical care, shelter, loving caregivers, food, blankets, safe beds, etc. to children around the world. But, one thing we have continued to believe is that we can't do it one can. And, if we work together the needs will be fulfilled faster, children will be safer, bodies will be healthier.

As you know, Angel Covers partners with Love Without Boundaries on a regular basis with projects. Both organiztaions firmly believe that our work is not about our foundations, it's about the children. It's about getting their needs met and giving them the best chance at life we possibily can. In the spirit of this belief, I'm asking anyone who reads this to PLEASE follow this link and donate $10 to LWB.

If you haven't heard, FaceBook is having a competition and the organization with the most individual donors by 12 noon pst. tomorrow will win $50,000. Right now, LWB is in the lead. You also may not know that LWB had someone hack into their website and take it completely down just after Christmas. They have been unable to fundraise for individual children, start new programs, and have lost at least $50,000. If LWB wins this challange, 10 children with serious heart conditions will have surgery. Your $10 will completely change the lives of these 10 babies.

I believe with all my heart that we all must work together to make an impact on this world. The needs are too great to do it alone. With that in mind, please make a $10 donation, ask you spouse and friends to do the same, and let's help LWB help these children. Because it really is simply about helping the kids.

Kari Fillmore