Friday, May 4, 2012

Report from Mama's Wish - Huangnan No. 1 School

Students from Huangnan No. 1 School, Qinghai Province, China

1. School background
The Huangnan Nationalities Number 1 Middle School was established in 1992. There are 15 classes with approximately 1000 students from different counties and there are 70 teachers and workers. Especially the government is aimed to collect students from other counties because there are no senior schools from other areas. Since this school was opened, it gives the chances to the rural girls to enter high school and now the amounts of female students are yearly increasing.  We are really happy to support education for girls from this school because most of them are coming from nomadic places and some of those are the first high school students in their villages.  Since people knew that there is a foundation which only supports education for girls, some of the teachers and parents often came to Mother’s Wish Foundation for support. In 2011, we interviewed each student and finally we selected 14 girl students for this school.

2. Why we support girls in this school
The first thing we do when selecting a student is, we talk to teachers and ask if there are any students who really need our help for education. Then the teachers give us a list of students, but it is impossible to support all of them. These 14 girls are not from Tongren; some of them are from Zeku, Henan, and Jianzha. When we saw their family conditions (in the personal interviews at their homes), we were convinced that we should support them.

“You have to study hard, never let down your sponsors.”

In our recent visit, Mr. Jian Cuo told the students that many of their photos are hanging on the walls in the family of their sponsor and that the sponsors had included them as their family members. He also told them that their sponsors are not rich people and there is no money on the trees in their garden. But they are very kind hearted and generous so they should never waste their support.

3. How we give them tuition fees
It is always the same system when we provide the tuition fees for the students.   The student and one of their parents must sign on the receipt papers and they also must print their finger on these two papers so that the money is directly received for them on their behalf.

Signing tuition receipts

4. School activities are part of their lives.
For the students, they must study hard but also need some free time to relax and do other activities.

(Even though I am disabled, I can still do my exercise)

(Students are self-studying after dinner)

5. Conclusion
Everybody would like to say thank you so much, and the headmaster requested that it would be really wonderful if Mother’s Wish Foundation could support more girls in this school.

Rinchen Dhondrup
Mama’s Wish Teacher and Translator
April 20, 2012

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