Monday, November 28, 2011

Gifts From The World Auction

Every year, Angel Covers hosts our annual Gifts From The World on-line auction. We are thrilled to say this year is no different. Beginning December 1, Angel Covers will have beautiful items from around the world for auction on eBay. Items such as a banana leaf Santa and sleigh, books signed by the author, Chinese yo-yo's, children's clothing, and eggs stands from Europe will be auctioned with 100% of the proceeds going to the Humble Hearts School for the Deaf in Kenya. Making the auction even more beneficial to the school, again this year we have 50% a matching donation of all of the proceeds raised.

Admittedly, we are behind at getting the word out this year about the auction. Please spread the word about this great opportunity to provide unique gifts to your family and friends, as well has helping desperate children in Kenya. Desks, additional land for a garden, and new beds are just some of the things this years proceeds will be used for.

A link to the auction will be on our website as soon as its live. Check back often to be sure you haven't been outbid!

Thank you as always for your support!


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