Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Team Angel Covers Wins Gold Medal!

OK, so all of the medals were gold, but even so, I’m proud to say that I crossed the finish line at the Frederick Half Marathon on Sunday morning! For all of you who support Angel Covers, I’ll offer a brief ‘race report’:

My husband, Dave, and I headed to Frederick, Maryland on Saturday night for an evening of pasta and an early bedtime at our hotel. This was the first night he and I had spent away without kids since the night we arrived in China when we travelled to adopt Marley in December 2008. Amazing what we have to do to get a night away—fly halfway around the world, or run a half marathon!

My Sunday morning wake-up call came at 4:30, although I’d been awake an hour by then, suffering from pre-race jitters. This was my third half marathon, and I have also run one full marathon, but my nerves had served as an internal alarm clock for me. We headed to the fairgrounds at 5:15, long before the sun even thought of peeking its head out. As the first official participant for Team Angel Covers, it was an honor to sport my Team AC t-shirt in the wee hours before the 6:30am start.

By “go” time, I was feeling at ease and ready to handle the task ahead.

The race course was beautiful and the crowd support was awesome. The weather could’ve been a bit more cooperative—the temps at starting time were already over 70 degrees and reached a high of around 85 pretty quickly. But it was slightly overcast, and friendly folks in the neighborhoods hosed us down with sprinklers as we ran. My husband was my sole in-person supporter at the race, but I know that many of you were thinking of me and sending positive thoughts my way as I chugged along the race course. I finished in 2:19:57, which is almost 7 minutes faster than my previous best.

I have a cool medal, some great pictures, and bragging rights for my accomplishment (as well as a few new blisters and two aching knees!). What I am most proud of though, and what clearly has the longest-lasting impact, is the fact that with the support of friends and family, I raised enough funds to put three Mama’s Wish students through another year of high school. You can read about the program here:
I’m already looking at some races for the fall season and would love to talk with anyone who is interested in joining Team Angel Covers for an event in the future. We welcome runners, walkers, cyclists, triathletes—anyone with a goal in mind and a passion for the children around the world who Angel Covers works to support. Contact me at for more information.

Holly Huffman
Orphanage Support Coordinator
Angel Covers

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