Monday, January 18, 2010

Working Together

The end of last week, the children who attend Humble Hearts returned to the school to see the destruction. Parents and children cried together as they came to better understand all that was lost. As the official opening of the school, parents were eager to find ways of moving the school forward for their children.

These parents come from the extreme poverty, rarely have enough food for their families, live in tin shelters, and many lost their homes to the bulldozing as well. However, these families united behind the school and it's needs. Families with little for themselves came together and quickly purchased polls for a new temporary building. This building, which was constructed immediately by the families, will be used to teach the youngest of the Humble Hearts students. Additionally, the children from class 1 and up were moved into a nearby church. This church graciously opened their doors and is allowing Humble Hearts to rent rooms for a nominal monthly fee.

There's a lot of work to do for sure. Books must be purchased, partitions need to be put in place to divide classrooms, desks and blackboards are still needed. To help with any of these needs, please go to and mark your donation for the Humble Heart rebuild. We are continuing to look for options for a permanent solution to the Humble Hearts crisis, but it's amazing to know that in less than a month the children are back in school and parents whose children have not attended Humble Hearts in the past are begging for their admittance.

From the parents to the children to the teachers to our donors...everyone is proving how much they love this school. Thank you seems completely inadequate.

So very grateful,


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