Friday, August 7, 2009

A fabulous day

Of course I've always believed that all children have unlimited potential. Unfortunately many children are born into circumstances that prevent them or reaching their full potential, such as extreme poverty, sickness, or other lack of resources. Humble Hearts was established for kids just like these...children who have amazing potential but don't always have the means to achieve all they can.

Today I learned that many of the children at Humble Hearts were able to prove it doesn't take a lot of money, professional coaches, fancy costumes to show the world your skills and talents. Two groups of kids attending Humble Hearts, one hearing and the other deaf, earned a spot at the national music competition a few weeks ago because of their amazing talents of signing, reciting verses, and singing. Today, I learned that both of these groups placed second in the national competition. To say I'm proud of these children would be an understatement.

All of the children in both of these groups struggle for food, clean water, medical care, and a quality education. Since Humble Hearts opened, these children have had all of these things, and they have teachers and staff who love them. All of the children of Humble Hearts are being taught that deaf people are as capable as those who can hear. They are learning how to communicate with each other and the community is learning the truth about deafness, rather than believing rumors and ideas based on witchcraft.

When I return to Humble Hearts in September, I will be fortunate enough to take each child and staff member a t-shirt that says, "Humble Hearts Giving the deaf a voice". A very talented friend of mine designed this logo and when I saw it this morning for the first time, it brought tears to my eyes. It could not have been more appropriate for the day or for these children. Never did they think they would have a voice and others didn't believe they were capable of having a voice. The national music competition proved they can.

If you are interested in supporting these amazing kids by helping with the costs of travel to the competition or the t-shirts, please go to and putting either "music competition" or "t-shirts" in the memo section of your donation.

These kids have always been my heroes. Today I once again learned why.

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Lynn said...

That is AMAZING!! What a blast they must have had. When I saw the drum club there one day, I was blown away with what they were doing together. Imagination and talent! The t-shirts sound perfect and they will love them. Wish I could go with you!