Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mama’s Wish Sponsors Needed

Over the past year and a half our wonderful Mama’s Wish sponsors have given the amazing gift of knowledge to over 100 bright girls in the rural QingHai Province of China. These young students aspire to be doctors and teachers, scientist and lawyers, and each one dreams of the day she will be able to give back to her community. But without our help these dreams would not be possible. Most of these girls would have been forced into marriage at a very young age, working menial jobs to support their families.

We now have three high school students and one college student who are in need of new sponsors. These are incredibly hard working students that deserve our help.

#7 - Duojie is in her third year of high school. She hopes to become a female politician. Her favorite subjects are geography and politics. She enjoys climbing mountains and singing.

#92 - Wan is in her second year of high school. Her favorite subject is Chinese. She is very motivated and works hard on her school work. In her free time she enjoys being with her friends.

#97 - Li
is in her second year of high school. She looks forward to being able to give back to her community and helping other poor children in the future. She is an excellent student and earns very high grades.

#1001 - Gen has beaten all the odds and is now attending college! Her goal is to become a biology teacher in her home town. She works very hard and gets excellent grades. During her vacations, she volunteers her time teaching poor children in the rural countryside.

Can you help these bright girls? For just $120 we can send one student to high school for a year, while $1350 funds a year of college. College fees can easily be split among several donors to keep payments affordable.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of these students, please contact

More information on the Mama’s Wish Program can be found at our website:

Thank you for giving these girls this priceless gift of knowledge.

Karen MacNair
Sponsorship Coordinator - Mama’s Wish Education Program

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