Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Throughout 2008 you heard us talking over and over about the need to build Angel Cottage. This is a huge project that feels like it's been around forever. Dozens of deaf children are waiting for this new home so they can not only attend school, but learn a language, be valued, and see a life completely different than they one they currently living.

2008 was hard for all of us. Overall Angel Covers donations and sales were down by 34%....about the same amount we have all lost in our 401K's and other accounts. People are struggling to pay for food, gas, and other necessities. Fund-raising for Angel Cottage stalled and the construction almost completely stopped.

But then December 2008 came around and so many people donated saying they believe the true meaning of the holiday season was to give to those who have even less than they do. More than $12, 500 came in for Angel Cottage in December. Dozens of individuals and businesses purchased their holiday cards through us and our greeting cards were given as numerous gifts. Because of these purchases, another $2,250 was raised for Angel Cottage.

As I have been opening more and more donations for this extraordinary project, the word that keeps going through my head is momentum. We have been given a huge gift in the past couple of weeks. Currently less than 1/3 of the total cost of Angel Cottage is needed. Dozens of names have been added to the list of bricks to be made. To those of you who have supported this project, you have my sincere thanks and appreciation.

Please helps us keep up this great momentum. Spread the world to everyone you know. Every single dollar makes a huge difference in this project. Gas prices are down, the holidays are over....please consider making a donation to this project. Help us get Angel Cottage built! If all of the funds were raised today, Angel Cottage could be completed in 2 months. Wouldn't it be amazing to think of 55 deaf children moving into this beautiful new home before school starts in May???!!!!

The waiting list of deaf children currently been locked away at home, not allowed to attend school, unable to communicate with their family or peers, is long. Please send this to anyone you know and help us change their lives from one of complete isolation to one of laughter, love, and fun as soon as possible.

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