Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The babies of Huaibei

How appropriate that we received the Huaibei nutrition update at Thanksgiving time! As I sat down to a huge meal with family and friends on Thanksgiving, I couldn’t help thinking about the beautiful faces of children who have enough food because of all of you. The children of Huaibei are happy and healthy because of your support. These children are smiling more, crying less, and sick less often because they are getting hundreds of cans of additional formula and rice cereal.

Given the recent concerns about Melamine in Chinese formula, we were so relieved to learn that none of the children in Huaibei developed kidney stones. Angel Covers only purchases Nestle’s formula, which has not been shown to have elevated Melamine levels. We are so thankful that the children of Huaibei have remained safe and healthy through this terrible scare.

Additional baby bouncers were also recently sent to Huaibei. Although this isn't part of the nutrition program, the bouncers will allow the babies to be out of their cribs more often and develop fine and gross motor skills. Because there are fewer infants in Huaibei right now, the children will be able to use them even more often.

Another 11 cases of Nestles Neslac formula were purchased for the next 3 months. Combine with other formula, rice cereal, and table foods the children of Huaibei will continue to be happy and healthy. Just look at their faces! You have created these chubby cheeks and for that I will be forever thankful!

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