Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mama’s Wish - Letters of Gratitude

During the past school year 100 Mama’s Wish students wrote letters to their sponsors. Each of these letters were as unique as the girls that wrote them. The girls wrote about their families and the poverty of their villages, life at school and their dreams for the future. But the one thing all these amazing letters had in common was each young woman’s undying gratitude for the help she has received.

“When I couldn’t attend school due to my financial difficulties, you, though located so far away, extended a pair of helping and warm hands to me and pulled me out of my difficulties. In my heart, I truly feel happiness. Due to my family’s financial difficulties, I almost had to quit school. It was you that provided me this opportunity to continue studying

Many of the students wrote about the struggles their families face. Most of the girls come from very small, remote villages with little economic opportunity. Their families are struggling to make ends meet with an average income of only $98 a year.

“My family’s financial situation is very bad. Both my father and mother are working. It’s very difficult for us to pass the days. My parents were willing to continue supporting me only because I studied well. Otherwise, I would have been married out very early. It was at this time that you, like a deity, appeared in my life. Only because of your help was I able to regain brightness in my life.” ~ZhaXi

“Everyone in my family is a farmer. Our financial situation isn’t too good. My mom is disabled. We rely on the Chinese caterpillar fungus that my mother and brother dig up and sell in order to pay for our living expenses. My parents have worked hard and been through many difficulties.”~DuoJi

One of the most heartwarming things the girls wrote about was their genuine desire to give back to their communities as a way to repay the gift that has been given to them.

“I will use what you’ve shown me with your selfless and love-filled contribution to go help and protect other people.” ~SangJi

"I admire the size of your heart. You have inspired me to study hard so I can help someone as you have helped me. I wish you all of the health and prosperity in the world." ~LiMao

To all our wonderful Mama’s Wish sponsors we send,"Ten Thousands and Thousands of thanks to you." Your gift truly is making dreams come true for these amazing young women.

2008-09 Mama’s Wish Sponsorship

Mama’s Wish is currently looking for a few new sponsors for the upcoming 2008-09 school year. Sponsorships for a student to attend high school are just $10 per month. A one year sponsorship covers education fees, with some left over to help support living expenses. As a sponsor you will receive education reports with photos of your student, and you will have the opportunity to send and receive correspondence.

We also have several college students who are in need of sponsorship help for the upcoming school year. These amazing young women have beaten all the odds, passed the entrance exams, and are now attending University. With our help these bright women are on their way to fulfilling their dreams of becoming doctors, teachers, and community leaders. College sponsorships start at $35 a month.

You can learn more about the Mama’s Wish Education program by visiting our website
Photos of the students currently needing sponsorship can be found here:

If you are interested in sponsoring a student or have questions about the Mama’s Wish program please contact

Karen MacNair- Mama’s Wish Sponsorship Coordinator

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