Friday, April 18, 2008

April Break

Just want to share a photo and a bit of news from yesterday at Humble Hearts, where the kids are preparing to go on their April break from school.

Things have been unsettled in the city this week, with threats to stop all transportation in the Eastlands area again today by a gang making demands of the government. As often is the case, it is the people on the edges who suffer, especially since the police were unprepared and slow to respond. The gang shut down businesses and stopped buses and matatus since Monday, making travel to and from town from Eastlands slow--by foot--or not possible at all. Everyone at school and Angel Cottage remained safe through it all.

Buses and matatus were up and running yesterday, and the school had called parents and guardians of the deaf children who live at Angel Cottage to come and pick them up so they could safely travel home in case things got worse today, as rumored they would.

It's one thing to look forward to a school break; quite another to long for a break from constant, unpredictable insecurity.

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