Thursday, March 27, 2008

Income Generating Projects Save Lives

Angel Covers' income generating projects are one of my favorite programs. We have had the privilege to send chickens, cows, bees, and yaks to children around the world. These items not only provide much needed food and income to the school and orphanage, but they also are completely self sustaining once established.

The Maranatha School in Uganda is a perfect example of a successful chicken project. Following the construction of chicken houses and other necessary items, more than 1000 chickens were purchased for the school and orphanage. After a few months of growing and getting stronger, the chickens are now laying eggs! Here is what the director of Maranatha said about this program.

In one week, our long-waited dream of adding eggs to the children’s breakfast will become a reality. On March 31st our new poultry farm will finally have produced enough eggs for each child at every Maranatha School center to receive a boiled egg for breakfast. This additional protein, combined with their standard cup of porridge, will definitely increase the children’s level of health, and our hope is that it will also improve their ability to focus on their studies. Since most of the children at the Maranatha Schools come from homes where their guardians cannot provide regular meals, the breakfast and lunch we provide are essentially lifesaving. Your contributions are making an incredible difference in these children’s lives. Thank you for making our dream a reality, and for providing the children at Marnatha schools with the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive.

As the chickens continue to grow and reproduce, the program will eventually have more than 10,000 chickens and will provide food daily to more than 750 children. Eggs will be eaten and extras will be sold, allowing other food to be purchased. Although it will take 5 years for this many chickens to be a part of the program, we know this program will support children in this much needed way for many years.

This is just one example of the importance of income generating projects. Empowering people and providing them with the opportunity to meet needs daily without being continually reliant on others.

If you would like to help, please go to and donate today. You on-time donation will live on in the lives of children for years to come.