Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Amazing sponsors

Once again we are humbled by the response from our sponsors to children in need. From around the world you have come together to support the children of China. In the past 36 hours, more than 30 children have been sponsored! Girls who never would have had the opportunity to go to high school and college are now packing their bags. Girls who had to leave school last year because their funding ran out, are now going to return.

Last night we had the opportunity to tell Mr. Jian Cuo to "call" the 14 girls who had to leave school last year and tell them they will be able to return. Bus drivers are telling farmers on horseback, farmers on horseback are telling village leaders, and village leaders are walking to the houses of these girls to tell them to pack their bags for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Because of your generosity, girls will learn not only their academic lessons, but will learn they are capable; capable of achieving more than they ever imagined. These girls are no doubt being moved to tears knowing there are people around the world who care enough to believe in them, just as i have been this week. You are not only their sponsors, but their mothers and fathers who want them to have the world. You are fulfilling their mama's wish.

Kari Fillmore